Join us in Woodstock, April 30th – May 1st, for the first (possibly annual,)
Woodstock Story Festival – a celebration of Story in The Arts, Education, Therapy, Business, Mythology and Medicine.

A weekend of interactive exercises, musical performances, discussions, lectures, and lots of storytelling. The amazing line-up of presenters who are at the forefront of the storytelling movement will entertain, educate and mesmerize you.

Peter Blum,
Elizabeth Cunningham,
Mitch Ditkoff,
David Gonzalez Ph.D.,
Doug Grunther,
Barbara Mainguy,
Paul McMahon,

Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona,
Richard Schwab,
Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas,
Goia Timpanelli

…and others.
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The 11 presenters are as varied as their topics and perspectives:
– from “Storytelling at Work” by Mitch Ditkoff, author, co-founder and president of Idea Champions, to,
– “MytholoJAZZ,” classic Greek tragedies set to scat jazz by David Gonzalez; and
– local Woodstock resident Gioia Timpanelli, one of the founders of the worldwide revival of storytelling, to,
– noted author and teacher of Native American wisdom, Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona, a leading proponent of narrative psychiatry.

The Festival also showcases theatrical performances, myths, fables, and fairytales, and interactive workshops.

“While our remarkable line-up of presenters will be sharing the power and use of story in every field of human endeavor, they also will also be providing a tremendously entertaining event,” says producer and longtime Woodstock resident Peter Blum.


Full two-day festival admission price is $150; single day tickets are $95; meals and lodging are not included. Due to the intimate size of the venue, advanced ticket purchase is encouraged.