It’s a Sign

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As you enter Woodstock at the corner of Rt. 375 and Rt. 212, you are greeted by our beautiful new sign (thanks, Chester!) The excitement is building, people will be coming from near and far to share in this weekend, filled with tales of wonder, humor, illumination and enchantment. Tickets available for purchase on this website both for the entire weekend or single days..

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That reminds me of a story…

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STORY IS ALL THERE IS… it is the thread that holds our worlds and our perceptual reality together.

Story is getting increasing attention these days in every field. In order to celebrate the ubiquity of story, we are holding the first (possibly annual) Woodstock Story Festival – a celebration of Story in The Arts, Education, Therapy, Business, Mythology and Medicine.

Join us in Woodstock, April 30-May 1, for a weekend of interactive exercises, musical performances, discussions, lectures, and, of course, lots of storytelling. The amazing line-up of presenters who are at the forefront of the storytelling movement will entertain, educate and mesmerize you.

Peter Blum, Elizabeth Cunningham, Mitch Ditkoff, David Gonzalez Ph.D., Doug Grunther, Barbara Mainguy, Paul McMahon, Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona, Richard Schwab, Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, Goia Timpanelli, and others…(click on “Presenters” in the menu bar for full bio’s.)

Wonderful, varied presenters and points of view

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“What do a psychiatrist, a world-famous hypnotherapist, an award winning children’s educator/Broadway performer, a mythological consultant, a poet and historical fantasy author, a creative arts therapist, and an iconic storyteller all have in common?“ They are all scheduled to present at the First Woodstock Story Festival. Full bios and pictures will all be posted within the next week or two. Stay tuned!

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