Lewis Mehl-Madrona and Barbara Mainguy are co-authors of RemappIMG_1612ing Your Mind: The Neuroscience of Self-Transformation through Story (pub. 2015). Lewis graduated from Stanford University School of Medicine and trained in family medicine, psychiatry, and clinical psychology.
He completed his residencies in family medicine and in psychiatry at the University of Vermont College of Medicine. Lewis currently teaches with the family medicine residency at Eastern Maine Medical Center (EMMC) in Bangor, where he does inpatient medicine, outpatient precepting, and obstetrics. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Coyote Institute for Studies of Change and Transformation. He is the author of Coyote Medicine, Coyote Healing, and Coyote Wisdom, a trilogy of books on what Native culture has to offer the modern world.  He has also written Narrative Medicine, and Healing the Mind through the Power of Story: the Promise of Narrative Psychiatry, as well as his most recent co-authored work, Remapping Your Mind.

IMG_1610Barbara Mainguy studied psychology and philosophy at the University of Toronto and received her Master’s degree in Crea
tive Arts Psychotherapy at Concordia University in Montreal.  Prior to that she had worked as an artist and an artist in residence in the mental health system for a number of years.  She has worked in primary care settings as a behavioral health clinician and as a psychotherapist in psychiatric practices. Currently she is completing her M.F.A. in documentary film making at York University, Toronto, and working with Dr. Mehl-Madrona in Orono, Maine.  She is the Director of Education for the Coyote Institute in Orono.