Paul McMahon says “You got a problem? Tell it to the Rock ’n’ Roll Therapist and he will sing a song on the spot, and it will be healed – he guarantees his 100% cure rate. If he sings a song about your problem, it will be healed.” His improvised musical “cureMAILMAN-GUITAR-SHARONs” are a melodic example of on-the-spot storytelling. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Therapist’s radio Debut was in 1986 on Lynn Samuels’ show on WBAI in New York City. Soon after he was he was a regular guest on WFMU, on Bill Burger’s ‘The Hip Bone,’ solving the problems of particularly twisted listeners of that particularly twisted show. In 1989, he became a regular on KTV, the children’s show on the fledging CNBC network. In 1990, he moved upcountry to Woodstock where he has been heard frequently ever since on Conversations and the Round Table with Doug Grunther on WDST, Woodstock’s alternative rock station. He has a parallel career in the visual arts world, and was a recipient of a Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts.