I’ve been Mything you.

Have you ever had a recurring dream? What about the same thing, but in your waking life? It’s like you’re living out the same relationship, or feeling echoes of past moments in work over and over.

In this talk, we’ll be looking at how we take these moments and begin to peer into the deeper patterns to find the stories within them. We’ll ask “which part of your story are you in now?” and find answers which show the overarching life story your life is shaping into.

From there, you’ll learn ways to change your stories by finding alternates. And when that can’t happen we’ll find good ways so you can live through your story rather than having your story live through you.


Richard SchwabRichard is a mythological consultant in New York and works to make stories more memorable and meaningful.

He guides creatives to reinvigorate their stories using ancient patterns from myth and folklore.

With scientists, educators and lawyers, Richard links their work to stories. This way, they can use story to help others understand difficult or abstract ideas in their work.

Corporations and non-profits reach out to refine the story they are telling the world. Richard also counsels them on including the stories that permeate within their organizations.

Richard gives lectures on with myth, interpretation and practical uses for story in our lives. He has worked with groups such as the Joseph Campbell Foundation, Rite of Passage Journeys, and ARAS (the Archive for the Research in Archetypal Symbolism) in New York.

While working as Research Scholar at the Center for Symbolic Studies, Richard built a search engine of 50,000 story patterns from 1200 cultures. This way people could more easily see the common connection between as many as 10 million stories. He gave a TEDx talk about in 2013 where he demonstrated uses of this project in creativity and youth mentoring.